All I Want for Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. That what most people tell. Houses are full of Christmas decorations and brightened up with colorful lights spread in every corners of the house.Shoppers are very busy in buying gifts in the cool breeze of December. People are ecxited for the gifts that they will recieve from their friends or loved one’s. But most especially people are thinking for what are their wishes to make their Christmas memorable.

I can think of a better Christmas that my wish coming true and I’ve decided that people think more about everything at Christmas-time. Pleasures are more joyous and pain is more devastating during the holidays for whatever reason. So, I’m guessing it’s for that same “magical” reason that people think more about “peace on earth, goodwill toward men.”People in every nation must unite for the one goal and that is to make peace in each other.Making a better world for there childrens children. Something that I can really grab hold of and work towards. What an amazing gift to give each other – to let go of each and every grievance and disagreement and just have remember that our love for each other and for righteousness is so much more important than the pain we may experience at the hands of those around us. To make this world a more place to live for.

One thought on “All I Want for Christmas

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